How To Choose Your Event Planner Without Any Regrets?

Be it a birthday bash, wedding, or planning fringe activities for product launch events, it’s essential to remain organized. Wish to make your event exciting and unique? Hiring the best event planner will make things easier for you. However, event planning is not something that everyone is capable of. This is the reason why you need to connect with professionals in this area.

While selecting an event planner, you need to be extremely careful, or else you might end up in a complete disaster. Let’s have a look at some pointers on how to choose the best event, planner.

Professional And Organized Service:

It is a must for any company that offers services to remain well organized and professional to their clients.

It is a must for any company that offers services to remain well organized and professional to their clients. However, looks can be deceptive at times. It would be advisable to note the feedback of previous clients concerning the event planner you wish to choose. Find out if they hold a reputation for their professionalism? Are they capable of organizing events with a particular budget and time frame? 

Successful event planning must depend on an organization or team of experts who are well experienced in this field. For example, event planners should be capable of managing time constraints. Simultaneously, they have to handle various performers, vendors, distributors, or caterers who offer their services.


That’s where the event planner comes to the rescue. They are capable of going with the flow and making your special event a great success.

Whether it is your wedding or company’s fringe activities for product launch, no one wishes to have it ruined. As we are not expert party planners, for sure most of the things may not go as per the plan. This means some of our guests might cancel their RSVP. Or you may have to include a few more guests into the list at the last moment. Wondering how to get all this done perfectly? That’s where the event planner comes to the rescue. So they are capable of going with the flow and making your special event a great success.

Successful party planners must have various resources. They can depend on during emergencies. While hiring, you need to ask are they capable of handling challenges under pressure and so on. So they must remain flexible as per their client’s requirements and provide solutions to alleviate their stress.

Various Services And Options:

Well, known event planners are capable of offering solutions to various issues faced by their clients.

Well, known event planners are capable of offering solutions to various issues faced by their clients. For example, you need assistance in creating a theme for your upcoming birthday party or company’s fringe activities for product launch events. Because an event planner can come up with different themes where the resources and tools are easily accessible.

Do you wish to hold a casino night for your friends? Your planner must be capable of handling the food, games, decor, entertainment, and transportation facilities for your guests. If the planner is not familiar with the resources available, it will lead to disappointment. Before you hire a planner, ask them concerning the range of options and resources they offer. Corporate Gifts can be a great complement to the entire event experience, as it reflects your appreciation and sincerity of their presence at your event.

Opt for event planners who have successfully conducted numerous events. So be it family parties, weddings, corporate fringe activities, like Partyinkers for product launch, and much more; the planners must be resourceful. 


Corporate Gifts:


Benefits of Event Planner:

Interesting Fringe Activities for Corporate Events

Fringe Activities for Corporate Events

If you are hosting a party where you have high profile invitees, then you will have to be careful to plan the Fringe Activities for Corporate Events for them meticulously. You will have to consider their abilities and their interests before you plan out the Fringe Activities for Corporate Events.

Trivia games

If you have guests who like to learn and then to recall the stuff, then a trivia game could be an exciting fringe activity. You could Google to make a list of the various questions that you would want to ask. To make the activity a little relaxed, you could try out facts or fiction instead. All that you need to do is to check out some weird things and read them to the audience. The players will have to decide if what you said is a fact or a fiction. Add on some corporate gifts, bring them to another level of happiness!

Word games   

You may want to play activities that need your attendees to brainstorm. Word games could be fun for all! Here the host will give out a category, and the guest will have to list down things that fall under the category. So it could be “flavors of ice cream,” and the guests will have to list down all the “flavors of ice- cream” that he remembers. This will be time-bound. The player who can list down the maximum names is declared the winner.


If it is a Fringe Activities for Corporate Events, then you cannot go wrong with it. For this, you need to have large printed cards and also make sure that the markers are easy to hold. The attendees will be able to mark the numbers easily. The prices could be customized to fit the theme of the event or the interests of the group.

Time to reminisce

To play this activity, you will have to get some popular recordings from the era your guests would know of. Play a part of the song, and then the player who guesses the song right will win. You may also twist it a bit to let the player write down the names of the song or play the fringe activity as a team.

Guess the photo

This is another exciting game that the guests are sure to enjoy. For this, you will have to ask your guests to bring their childhood photos with their names written on the back. The host will then place the picture on a board and put a number under it. The guests will go around and try to guess whose photo it is. The one who can write the maximum right answers is awarded the price.

Here are some ideas of Fringe Activities for Corporate Events that you can arrange! The games should be such that they are easy to learn and are also exciting to play. Take this opportunity to engage your Team on rare occasions like these Team Building! You may also want to customize the Fringe Activities for Corporate Events as per what suits your guests.


Opportunity to engage your Team:

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Fringe Activities for Corporate Events:

Setting Up A Photo Booth For Your 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

History has seen men crowning their wives on their 25th wedding anniversary with a silver crown. The lucky wife would get a gold crown if they celebrated their 50th anniversary together! Even today it is considered lucky to gift your wife with silverware and gifts on the 25th wedding anniversary. Modern parents who celebrate their 25th anniversary today go for latest trends that would suit their children’s taste. Setting up a photo booth for their anniversary party is one of those!

Go Big – It is 25 Years Of Love And Bonding!

Nowadays the level of affection and acceptance is close to zero, making young men and women go in for a breakup or divorce in their early years of wedding life itself. If you are planning to celebrate your 25th anniversary, make it big! You are the inspiration! Such inspirations are the need of the hour for the youngsters today!

Setting Up A Photo Booth – Ask Your Kids For Ideas

Getting a photo booth set up for a party is viral. Everyone small or big enjoys the prominence given to photos in the party. This photo booth is an ideal option to get the best results for the photos. If you have kids above 15 years, they will be more than happy to help you with ideas for your photo booth on your wedding anniversary. Little ones love to get involved and they would be more than willing to put their fresh creative minds in working out the photo booth without any flaws.

Get Professional Help

Once the idea is set, get professional help in building your photo booth and choose a nice place at your party venue for setting up the photo booth. Most professional people help you out with choosing the right place but will be open for suggestions cheap photobooth. Make your backdrop as personal and pleasing as possible. It is your day to celebrate – let it be your choice.

Silver Is The Colour To Choose

Since it is 25 years of celebration, make it as silver as possible. Silver brings luck for couples celebrating 25 years. It might sound a bit silly and superstitious, but there is nothing wrong in going with the traditional practices. If it really brings in luck, why should you miss it? Photo booths can also be made in the silver moon and star patterns to show that you feel heavenly. Not many are blessed with 25 years of togetherness.

Iris Flowers To Decorate The Photo Booth

Just like silver, Iris flowers are to be chosen for your 25th wedding anniversary. Include these charming violet flowers as a part of your wedding celebration. Make a backdrop with these flowers or design your new booth with these. It makes it look even more attractive. Also, try to check with your florist early to make sure you get your supply of flowers for your party. Unleash the party animal in you; 25 years is a long time! Enjoy your party!

Corporate Gifts For the Young Generation

When choosing corporate gifts, be it for employees or clients, it is important to consider the age group. If you want to provide a gift that is thoughtful and useful at the same time, then it might be difficult to send out the same item as a gift across all age groups. The youth, for example, have very little use for fruit baskets. They would rather have a bunch of tech products or tech accessories to help them stay connected at all times. If you are looking to buy cheap corporate gifts for the young generation then here a few ideas that might help you choose the perfect one:

Tech gifts

The youth, today, cannot survive without technology. They need constant and quick access to the internet and social media at all times. Therefore, there are not enough power backs, charging cables, or USB hubs in the world to satisfy them. A USB drive has become very common, but USB hubs, power banks, charging cables, docking stations, mobile stands, and travel adaptors are right at the top of the list. Another tech accessory that’s the rage these days is the selfies stick, making it a perfect and thoughtful corporate gift.

Fitness gifts

Buying gifts that appeal to the fitness craze is bound to get your brownie points. A digital pedometer makes for a perfect, yet affordable gift for employees. And it will definitely be a gift that will be well used, not to mention the added bonus of having fit and motivated employees.  For a large group of employees, hand grips, stress balls (personalized ones) will also made terrific gifts.

Travel bug

Who doesn’t like to travel, but the young, in particular have the earnest need to explore. Those in their 20s take travelling very seriously. So many young folks work hard only to save up and spend it on a backpacking trip or a long vacation to an exotic land. Backpacks, travel bags are always a thoughtful gift for the wanderlust generation. A portable digital luggage scale is yet another useful item for the international traveller. Travel adaptors, memory card readers, portable tripods, are some other gift items that appeal to the youth.

Offbeat gifts

The beauty of being young is the sense of possibilities. The young generation is always more open to new ideas and new experiences. This provides employers with a unique opportunity to give unconventional gifts. Move over gift cards, how about adventure cards? Gift your employees a trek, or a camping experience. How about a hot air balloon ride? Or give them passes to film festivals. You can also sign them up for weekend classes – pottery anyone? Or Salsa? Or maybe hula hoop classes? There are so many options to choose from.

When gifting the young generation, the sheer variety of ideas are mind boggling. While some may only be viable gift options for a small group, there are several gift options that you can buy in bulk at a good deal.

Corporate gifting has never been so much fun!