History has seen men crowning their wives on their 25th wedding anniversary with a silver crown. The lucky wife would get a gold crown if they celebrated their 50th anniversary together! Even today it is considered lucky to gift your wife with silverware and gifts on the 25th wedding anniversary. Modern parents who celebrate their 25th anniversary today go for latest trends that would suit their children’s taste. Setting up a photo booth for their anniversary party is one of those!

Go Big – It is 25 Years Of Love And Bonding!

Nowadays the level of affection and acceptance is close to zero, making young men and women go in for a breakup or divorce in their early years of wedding life itself. If you are planning to celebrate your 25th anniversary, make it big! You are the inspiration! Such inspirations are the need of the hour for the youngsters today!

Setting Up A Photo Booth – Ask Your Kids For Ideas

Getting a photo booth set up for a party is viral. Everyone small or big enjoys the prominence given to photos in the party. This photo booth is an ideal option to get the best results for the photos. If you have kids above 15 years, they will be more than happy to help you with ideas for your photo booth on your wedding anniversary. Little ones love to get involved and they would be more than willing to put their fresh creative minds in working out the photo booth without any flaws.

Get Professional Help

Once the idea is set, get professional help in building your photo booth and choose a nice place at your party venue for setting up the photo booth. Most professional people help you out with choosing the right place but will be open for suggestions cheap photobooth. Make your backdrop as personal and pleasing as possible. It is your day to celebrate – let it be your choice.

Silver Is The Colour To Choose

Since it is 25 years of celebration, make it as silver as possible. Silver brings luck for couples celebrating 25 years. It might sound a bit silly and superstitious, but there is nothing wrong in going with the traditional practices. If it really brings in luck, why should you miss it? Photo booths can also be made in the silver moon and star patterns to show that you feel heavenly. Not many are blessed with 25 years of togetherness.

Iris Flowers To Decorate The Photo Booth

Just like silver, Iris flowers are to be chosen for your 25th wedding anniversary. Include these charming violet flowers as a part of your wedding celebration. Make a backdrop with these flowers or design your new booth with these. It makes it look even more attractive. Also, try to check with your florist early to make sure you get your supply of flowers for your party. Unleash the party animal in you; 25 years is a long time! Enjoy your party!