When choosing corporate gifts, be it for employees or clients, it is important to consider the age group. If you want to provide a gift that is thoughtful and useful at the same time, then it might be difficult to send out the same item as a gift across all age groups. The youth, for example, have very little use for fruit baskets. They would rather have a bunch of tech products or tech accessories to help them stay connected at all times. If you are looking to buy cheap corporate gifts for the young generation then here a few ideas that might help you choose the perfect one:

Tech gifts

The youth, today, cannot survive without technology. They need constant and quick access to the internet and social media at all times. Therefore, there are not enough power backs, charging cables, or USB hubs in the world to satisfy them. A USB drive has become very common, but USB hubs, power banks, charging cables, docking stations, mobile stands, and travel adaptors are right at the top of the list. Another tech accessory that’s the rage these days is the selfies stick, making it a perfect and thoughtful corporate gift.

Fitness gifts

Buying gifts that appeal to the fitness craze is bound to get your brownie points. A digital pedometer makes for a perfect, yet affordable gift for employees. And it will definitely be a gift that will be well used, not to mention the added bonus of having fit and motivated employees.  For a large group of employees, hand grips, stress balls (personalized ones) will also made terrific gifts.

Travel bug

Who doesn’t like to travel, but the young, in particular have the earnest need to explore. Those in their 20s take travelling very seriously. So many young folks work hard only to save up and spend it on a backpacking trip or a long vacation to an exotic land. Backpacks, travel bags are always a thoughtful gift for the wanderlust generation. A portable digital luggage scale is yet another useful item for the international traveller. Travel adaptors, memory card readers, portable tripods, are some other gift items that appeal to the youth.

Offbeat gifts

The beauty of being young is the sense of possibilities. The young generation is always more open to new ideas and new experiences. This provides employers with a unique opportunity to give unconventional gifts. Move over gift cards, how about adventure cards? Gift your employees a trek, or a camping experience. How about a hot air balloon ride? Or give them passes to film festivals. You can also sign them up for weekend classes – pottery anyone? Or Salsa? Or maybe hula hoop classes? There are so many options to choose from.

When gifting the young generation, the sheer variety of ideas are mind boggling. While some may only be viable gift options for a small group, there are several gift options that you can buy in bulk at a good deal.

Corporate gifting has never been so much fun!