Fringe Activities for Corporate Events

If you are hosting a party where you have high profile invitees, then you will have to be careful to plan the Fringe Activities for Corporate Events for them meticulously. You will have to consider their abilities and their interests before you plan out the Fringe Activities for Corporate Events.

Trivia games

If you have guests who like to learn and then to recall the stuff, then a trivia game could be an exciting fringe activity. You could Google to make a list of the various questions that you would want to ask. To make the activity a little relaxed, you could try out facts or fiction instead. All that you need to do is to check out some weird things and read them to the audience. The players will have to decide if what you said is a fact or a fiction. Add on some corporate gifts, bring them to another level of happiness!

Word games   

You may want to play activities that need your attendees to brainstorm. Word games could be fun for all! Here the host will give out a category, and the guest will have to list down things that fall under the category. So it could be “flavors of ice cream,” and the guests will have to list down all the “flavors of ice- cream” that he remembers. This will be time-bound. The player who can list down the maximum names is declared the winner.


If it is a Fringe Activities for Corporate Events, then you cannot go wrong with it. For this, you need to have large printed cards and also make sure that the markers are easy to hold. The attendees will be able to mark the numbers easily. The prices could be customized to fit the theme of the event or the interests of the group.

Time to reminisce

To play this activity, you will have to get some popular recordings from the era your guests would know of. Play a part of the song, and then the player who guesses the song right will win. You may also twist it a bit to let the player write down the names of the song or play the fringe activity as a team.

Guess the photo

This is another exciting game that the guests are sure to enjoy. For this, you will have to ask your guests to bring their childhood photos with their names written on the back. The host will then place the picture on a board and put a number under it. The guests will go around and try to guess whose photo it is. The one who can write the maximum right answers is awarded the price.

Here are some ideas of Fringe Activities for Corporate Events that you can arrange! The games should be such that they are easy to learn and are also exciting to play. Take this opportunity to engage your Team on rare occasions like these Team Building! You may also want to customize the Fringe Activities for Corporate Events as per what suits your guests.


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